Store, manage, and share
your credentials with ease

  • Safe and secure mobile app
  • Control who you share with (and for how long)
  • 100% FREE to join and use

Meet your new digital wallet

CredShare takes the pain out of storing, managing and sharing credential documents.

Why waste time searching PDFs, photos and print-outs when you can keep them all in one secure place, and share with ease?

Safe, simple and secure, CredShare puts you in control of your data, and saves you time.

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Applying for jobs

Share qualifications and credentials with potential employers in seconds

Applying for rentals

Upload your ID, rental history and other important docs once, and share in the touch of a button

Digital wallet

Licenses, work permits, credit cards, and more, have them on hand even if you lose your wallet.

Seriously secure

We take your security seriously. All data is 100% encrypted (which means no-one can read it without your consent) and our systems pass regular, stringent, and independent penetration testing.

How it works

1. Upload your credentials

Login and upload your credential details via the secure mobile app.

2. Select and share

Select which credential(s) you want to share, with whom, and for how long.

3. Recipient views credential

Only your selected recipient can access your credential (and you choose for how long).


Expiry notifications

Get notified automatically before any credential is about to expire. Never be caught out again.

Secure sharing

Your selected recipient must confirm their email to view your credentials – keeping your data more secure than sending via email.

100% free

CredShare is completely free for individuals. Your data is never shared with 3rd parties for advertising or any other purposes.

(There's no catch, we earn revenue through our organisation credential management platform – not individuals)

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