The burden of compliance
just got lighter

  • Manage workforce credentials in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Improve compliance. Reduce risk. Save time.

Safer, better, faster projects

Compliance shouldn’t be hard. But too often it is.
Regulations designed to protect end up increasing the burden of compliance. But the harder compliance is, the greater the chance of mistakes, and the risks that come with them.

  • Accidents, injuries and deaths
  • Poor quality work
  • Delays and do-overs

Workforce compliance is too important to be so difficult.

CredShare makes workforce compliance easy – for organisations and workers.

Better compliance. Less effort.

Manage workforce credentials in one place

Track the status of your entire workforce credentials from one
dashboard. See what’s current, what’s missing, and what’s
expiring in seconds.

Assign credentials by role and project

Select which credentials each role needs, send credential
requests to workers, and monitor progress in one place.

Get notified as credentials expire

Know in advance if your workforce has credentials that are
expiring and notify them from within the platform.

Different prices based on
your organisation’s needs

Every organisation is different, so CredShare provides pricing
models based on your organisation's size and requirements.
Get a free quote from our team.

Easy to set up, even easier to use

Claim back your time

Manage credentials in minutes from an easy-to-use dashboard. Spend less time on admin, and more on what matters.

Reduce your risk

Keep your workforce credentials valid, current and compliant at all times. Stay protected and reduce your risk.

Run safer projects

Get the right individuals on the right jobs.
Deliver more efficient projects with fewer errors or incidents.

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